Information website for Voyage Century Online

The purpose of that website is to provide easy to access information about the game, its items, monsters, skills, …, as it's really difficult to understand all the possibility of the game.

My goal is to create a good database which will allow cross links. For example in the city list you will have the list of plants of each city, clicking on one of them will show the data about the plants and the all the cities where it can be found.

I invite you to send me a message through the contact page to give me any feedback, suggestions, or what you would like to be in it first.


2016-08-07 : Firsts datas entered and some effort on the look

Well in fact it was a few days ago, but I took the time to work a little on the look(but as I not really a designer, this will take some times).
Most of what I put in the database is from 2012 or 2014, except what I checked (by the way, I started to develop a way to display something about "checked information" and the date of the check, and maybe show a flag "outdated" somewhere, like all the "high level crop" which have to turn to "Normal crop" it seems).

Soon I will add cannons information, and I m looking for all item list.

And when I will understand all the different exchange system and the refining, I will try to write a guide on that since I didn't found anything :/

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