Making treasure maps and finding treasures


Getting treasure map pieces

getting map pieces is the easiest part : You will find them by killing most of monsters, pirate ship, or even in drifters on high sea. When you have the appropriate number of piece of the same kind, you can go to the Treasure Hunter in Barcelona to put them together and get a treasure map. There is 5 different kind of treasure map piece.

Putting treasure map pieces together to get a Treasure Map

Go to Barcelona City and find the Treasure Hunter (he is located at the center of the city, use the map or the autotrack function). Click on Piece together treasure map! and choose what type of map you want to get according to the treasure map piece you have. It seems the kind of piece doesn't have something to do with the location of the treasure (but who knows… ). Give the Treasure Hunter pices and silver to get (if you are lucky) the treasure map you want. There is a very low chance to get the treasure map you want

Level 1 Map
6 identical pieces
54 000 silver
Chances: 100% level 1 treasure map
Level 2 Map
12 identical pieces
216 000 silver
Chances: 60% level 1 treasure map, 40% level 2 treasure map
Level 3 Map
24 identical pieces
864 000 silver
Chances: 40% level 1 treasure map, 30% level 2 treasure map, 30% level 3 treasure map
Level 4 Map
50 identical pieces
3 750 000 silver
Chances: 40% level 2 treasure map, 35% level 2 treasure map, 25% level 3 treasure map
Level 5 Map
80 identical pieces
9 600 000 silver
Chances: ??

Reading the Treasure Map

Once you have a treasure map, you can open it (right click) to see the (too much) precise location of where the treasure is burried.

Level 1 treasure map will indicate you the area where it is located (the city, suburbs or island where it is). For other treasure map levels, the hard way is to take your ship and try to guess the target city (or try to remember a city which looks like the small part you have on the treasure map). Hopefully, you can ask to Map Authenticator if you can't find it (in Barcelona or a couple of other city I will list later), either visit all the potential city where the treasure should be.

Map Authenticator:
  • Palma (Athens Tavern)
  • Adatol (Seville Tavern)
  • Phillhouse (Oslo City)
  • Catelin (Cape Town Tavern)
  • Butcher Li (Beijing Restaurant)

Go to hunt !

Once you know the location (or if you want to search), take provisions and go to search it ! When you are on the city and close to the treasure, use the "search for treasure" command (from the shortcut bar, or from Ctrl+a).

Searching for treasure cost you 20SP (which is really nothing). Some high level treasure can be guarded by monsters. In that case, the boss monster will drop the treasure when you kill it

Right click to open the treasure map, then open the local map (Ctrl+m). Notice the treasure map will still be visible. Now go to the marked spot, and start searching. If you are not at the right position, you will have additional hint in the chat. See below the spot for a level 2 map (without using the authenticator). For that level 2 map, I found a lvl 1 treasure named «Drawing of Travelers Amid Streams and Mountains»

Treasure found !

Once you found the treasure, you have to Authenticate the treasure to an authenticator (you will get reputation and silver) or sell it to a merchant npc (you will get no reputation but double the silver)