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This is a start page to help about the complexity of some systems



How to write in «Public chat»
Your rank must be high enough (Viscount?). You can see your current rank in the «Society» tab in the Character window Ctrl+C. Click on the Crown next to your reputation to see what you have access too :). To change your rank, you must see a NPC (the official of a town maybe… I need to check that)
How to remove the f**** stars when you write
You have to edit a file in your computer. search for NoSpeech (precisions are coming)
How to open a private chat in a separate windows
When you're chatting, click on the lips button or press ALT+ENTER
How to show an item in the chat
Press enter if the chat is not activated yet (the blink cursor should appear), then hold shift and right-click on the item you want to show (do not hold the item before). k

about items which seems important

This section is really a "work-in-progress", as I currently don't really know lot of thing about that yet !
Captain's Log ?
If you are lvl 120 or above, you can give them to a NPC in Lisbon port called "World Ocean Culture Researcher"
Captain's Log ?
If you are lvl 120 or above, you can give them to a NPC in Lisbon port.
I get the message "Not found in your inventory"
Click on the "Manually Update Equipment" button at the bottom left of the character window (next to the split button) to refresh that info.
Compound things (uniform, jewelry, …)
Thats for lvl 145+.
What can I do with the Tiger Totem
What can I do with Rare Gold, Imperial Gold, …
Getting Original Magnetic Ore
What can I do with Original Magnetic Ore (MO)
Imperial Gold and Magnetic Ore are need to upgrade equipment from 140 to 145 (60 original magnetic ore = 1 Magnetic Ore). For upgrading, you will need hundreds of Magnetic Ore. 48 per piece of equipment * 8

How to make money

Hurricane Island
with good gear, you can gather from 30 to 80 million in a couple of hour

About refining and Embedding

What is refine
Refine allow you to add extra points to your gears (clothes, jewelry, …), and you WANT THEM
Is that important
Yes it is ! Don't keep all your refining items for later, refine all your gears as sooon as you can
How to do that
Just right click on the item then on your gear [TODO: explain more !]
How to add gems
(Drill gears with items (stones) to create holes in your gears